Narrative Visualisation for data comprehension and human-in-the-loop decision making

Researchers at UNSW are conducting a study on the effects of storytelling techniques on data comprehension.

If you are interested, the research project is looking for people who want to take part in this research and who are:

• Over the age of 18 years
• Have not taken part in this study before
• Are fluent in the English language
• Are not familiar with the World Development Indicators (WDI) data, be it through use/exposure in a professional, hobbyist, or casual setting

A full description of the research activities, risks associated with these activities and any discomforts that you may experience during the study can be accessed/downloaded here. To begin the survey, please click here. Participation in the study will take approximately 30 minutes.

Clicking on either of the above links will require you to read through the participant information statement before being asked to provide your consent. Once you have provided your consent you will progress to the study.

Research Team Contact

Dr Cameron Edmond
EPICentre Research Fellow
0405 557 665